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About Us

It all started with a mommy-to-be… dreaming of her son’s arrival and getting some precious newborn photos of him. That’s me, Brittany. =) When I decided that I would like a miniature bed to photograph our son on, I instantly knew the guy to do it… my talented husband! We’ve both always been creatively inclined in our own ways and together make the perfect pair for designing & engineering! We started out by just selling an occasional baby photo prop bed on Etsy here and there, and then added a boat photo prop after we had made one for our son’s 6 month photos. From there, our shop quickly turned into a full-time blessing (business) of creating original handcrafted photography prop designs for the industry’s top professional photographers!

Mr. & Mrs. And Co. offers the most beautiful, high quality photo props & custom creations…handcrafted with love by a young husband & wife team. We aim to create quality, classic looking photo props that will last throughout the times and always design with attention to important details in mind, such as safety, ease of use and aesthetics. Our handcrafted wood props are all 100% completely original designs!

When we first started our shop, we never had any intentions of it becoming a full-time business… my husband already had a career and this was just a creative outlet for us. Yet God has blessed our little business more than we could have imagined so we’ve taken our leap of faith in life! Through a few slivers, some spilled paint, late nights packaging, laughs, and lots of effort, we are beyond grateful for the opportunity to create something special for your photos.

Thank you to all of our customers who support our small business. It keeps our hearts so happy! =)


Tom, Brittany & Jackson

(Mr. & Mrs. And Co.)